Gas Gas Motos goes bankrupt

According to the company’s president, Gas Gas Motos has filed for bankruptcy.

While Gas Gas isn’t widely known to most North American riders, the Spanish off-road manufacturer has been in business since 1985 (founded by former Bultaco employees) and is very respected in the trials bike market. Over the years, their lineup has also included enduros and other off-roaders, including quads. Their bikes were available in Canada for several years with light kits, making them street-legal dual sports.

Gas Gas doesn’t have very large dealer presence in Canada these days, but they are available if you go looking. At one point, their dirt-bikes-with-lights were one of the best options available if you wanted a truly trimmed-down dual sport for serious off-road action.

Gas Gas’ demise was predicted for months, when it became clear the company was suffering under a heavy debt load. The ongoing economic slowdown in Europe compounded the company’s troubles, and last week, they announced they were filing for bankruptcy protection. Rumour has it that there’s already been interest in bringing the company back to life, though, through a sale. Gas Gas president Yariv Gilat talked about  “potential new investors,” so it certainly sounds like something is in the works.


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