Do Labrador with your own journo mule

Mark Richardson (left of Editor ‘Arris in the pic), ex-editor of the Toronto Star Wheels section, current automotive and motorcycle journalist is planning a trip to do the Labrador Highway this summer.

So? You may ask. Well, we’d originally attempted to make it a CMG collaboration (after failing┬áto complete the Trans Lab during our fateful last attempt), but his only available time put the trip too close to the Fundy Adventure Rally meaning that we could not make it work.

Undeterred, Mr Richardson plans to plough ahead and has booked himself a lovely new Jeep to do the trip but is throwing out an invitation for up to four motorcyclists to join the adventure and has offered the Jeep as a mule for extraneous gear (our original plan was to throw our camping and cooking equipment in the car to ensure a civilized level of camping each night).

Here’s the blurbage direct from Mr. Richardson. If you’re in for the adventure, get in touch with him here.

I’m driving the Labrador Highway in the first week of September, taking a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I’m doing this for the fun of it – the TLH is the last road on my North American bucket list – and because I’m an auto journalist and will be writing about it for a number of outlets.

Need a mule? I’ve got lots of cargo space, enough for three or four motorcycles’ gear. Do you want to come along on your bike and have me carry your luggage and tools? I’m a rider and understand motorcycles (DR600 halfway up the Dempster to Inuvik years ago, etc.), but I want to do this trip on four wheels. I’ll leave Toronto August 31 and return to Toronto two weeks later.

I’m not looking for any reimbursement. But I’ve made enough trips on my own motorcycles to know how much better it can be with just light luggage. I rode to Yellowknife once when it was all dirt with a spare pair of tires strapped to the back and that was just no fun.

As well, if somebody wants to make the ride on a smaller bike with a smaller tank, then I’ll be chugging along 10 minutes behind with spare gas. Also, if somebody has a partner who wants to visit Newfoundland or Quebec but not be forced to ride pillion the whole way, the Jeep has nice comfy heated seats and windows that close against the bugs…

Want to be a bit famous? Let me know.


    • Hi Geoff,

      Yes, that was myself and Jim (Mark’s never done the Trans Lab). Sadly we didn’t get that far before Jim crashed out, but I’d love to get out there again and finish it. Amazing scenery.


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