Dan Kruger performs well at Northwest 200

Photo: Diego Mola

Canadian export roadracer Dan Kruger has kicked off his European roadracing season, after a good start in the Asian Pan Delta series. After his first race, the Northwest 200 in Ireland, it looks like Kruger might have a breakthrough year ahead of him.

The Northwest 200 isn’t as well-known globally as its more famous cousin, the Isle of Man TT, but it’s the same racers at both events. Kruger rode for the Penz13 team in the Superbike race along with John McGuinness, Bruce Anstey, Guy Martin, Alastair Seeley (the race winner) and his own teammate Michael Rutter.

Kruger managed to finish 13th in the Superbike final Saturday, after starting in 30th. He’d worked himself all the way up from a 41st position in Tuesday’s first qualifying session.

Much of the NW200 race weekend was disrupted by weather, and a serious accident in Saturday’s Superstock race left Kruger’s Penz13 teammate Stephen Thompson in the hospital, along with two other riders and a spectator.

Following the race, Kruger sounded ecstatic over his results; in the Penz13 press release, he said  “Weather and red flags aside, I had an epic NW200 this year. The team gave me competitive race bikes and I learned how to ride through pretty much every weather condition that has ever existed! Getting 13th in the main Superbike race is great and I like seeing my name up on the timing sheets with the guys that I am  learning from and respect.”

Kruger said he figured he might have done even better than 13th had he not experienced some issues with his clutch.

Last year, Kruger’s race at the NW200 was overshadowed by his teammate Simon Andrews’ death.

Kruger’s next big challenge? The Isle of Man TT itself, where he’ll ride once again for Penz13. That’s coming up in approximately two weeks, with the first practices set for May 30. We’ll keep you posted on Kruger’s success there.

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  1. Wow, a great international performance by a Canuck that will likely go unnoticed by every sports news organization. Way to go Danj, and good luck at the IOM !

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