ADV traveller’s bike stolen in Whitehorse

Photo: Bostjan Skrlj

A world-crossing adventure rider is stranded bikeless in Whitehorse, YT, after his BMW GS1200 was stolen.

Bostjan Skrlj, originally from Slovenia, has been traveling the world for the past seven years, visiting 41 countries. He’s been in Canada for several months, even attempting the Churchill, Manitoba-to-Arviat, Nunavut ice crossing that has tantalized adventure riders for years. But now he is bikeless.

Skrlj’s motorcycle was parking in front of a house in Whitehorse when it was stolen early last week. After surviving trips through dozens of impoverished countries, Skrlj no doubt thought his bike safe in Canada. It wasn’t.

Sadly, this is a theme often heard: Riders travel the world’s poorest areas, and when they land in a more monied country, their bike is pinched. It happened to the lads of Mondo Enduro (almost all the bikes used in the trip are now stolen). More recently, it happened to Martin Williams in the UK this winter.

There’s an audio interview with Skrlj on CBC here. You can view his website, with photos of his travels, here. There’s an ADVRider thread on the theft here, but no new information has popped up yet.

It’s too bad Skrlj is so far north, as it’s hard for Canadian riders to coordinate help for him – if his bike has been stolen in the GTA, it would have been easier to organize some sort of search for the bike, or explore other options. After all, Canadians got Molly Nelson back on the road in 2011 in a similar crappy situation.

On the bright side, Whitehorse isn’t a big place, but the GS1200 is a big bike. Hopefully, the police or some helpful locals will get Skrlj’s bike back for him soon.


  1. Blackie’s Twin did write,

    ‘…..Guess what I won’t be doing again?”

    Won’t be doing what? Helping stranded travelers who got ripped off, or sending them your email addy??


  2. This is embarrassing. I hope Bostjan recovers his bike and continues his tour of the world.

    On the subject of Molly Nelson, a call went out for donations to help her get back on the road. I sent her $100. I was asked to supply my email address so she could thank me and everyone else who contributed. Never heard a word. Guess what I won’t be doing again?

    • Hey Blackie, I’ve met Molly and I don’t know why you didn’t get that email, but I can assure you she is very grateful for the help that saved her trip and certainly doesn’t take it for granted!

  3. On the bright side I can’t imagine that there are a lot of 1200GSs up there let alone many bikes at all. Hopefully it’ll be found soon.

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