Alleged “BC Speeder” now has Lamborghini seized


Remember this guy? Well, he’s in trouble again.

Back in 2012, a BC man by the name of Randy George Scott drew police attention after someone posted a video on YouTube showing a GSX-R doing 299 kph on a highway near Victoria. The police said Scott was the rider, and charged him with dangerous driving. He beat the rap, but lost his motorcycle, and was even banned from entering Mexico over the incident.

Now, Instagram photos seem to indicate Scott is in trouble with the law again. This week, Scott posted photos to the Internet saying his Lamborghini was seized by police. Having the need, the need for speed, can apparently be a tough problem.

Police haven’t said they’ve seized a car from Scott, but they have said they seized a Lamborghini (which bore the same plate) from a young man well-known to police.

We do have one question we’d like to ask the police, if this was indeed Scott’s car (and it seems it was). Last time Scott had a vehicle seized, it turned out to be registered under his mother’s name. Did Mommy buy the Lambo for him as well, or did she cut him off after the Gixxer was seized? And did Scott also have his licence suspended, or can we expect to see him back on the streets again?


  1. And… like Kanye West and the rest of the asshats, why do we care and why are we even reading this? Isn’t there anything of more substance lurking around? Like another MV test where they might sell ten units in Canada. Or some other fringe manufacturer building $50,000 monstrosities. I don’t know – it just seems that there’s not much here that’s entertaining or of any significance anymore.

  2. you would think a person with enough money to buy a Lambo would use said money to go to a race track, or the closest autobahn or what ever but that would require a brain I suppose.

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