Video: Jay Leno rides Ronin 47


Remember the Ronin 47 project we’ve talked about on here before? Seems it’s winding down to a close, and Jay Leno has managed to talk the project manager into letting him ride one of the bikes.

The Ronin 47 series is a line of made-in-the-USA boutique bikes, started over five years ago. The designers and builders behind the project bought 50 brand-new Buell motorcycles for the series, reshaping them into machines even wilder than anything we’ve seen from Erik Buell himself. You can find out more about the project here, if you’re looking for more details after watching the videos below.

In the first video below, Leno goes over the details of the bike with one of the creators, and takes it for a ride. The second clip is Ronin 47’s actual promo video.


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