Video: Victory #Project156 details

Last week, we told you Victory is working on a new flat track-styled race bike for an attempt at the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, under the name of #Project156. Yesterday, they released some video footage of the work so far on the machine.

The video, shot at Roland Sands Design (where the bike is being built), doesn’t give much away. We don’t see the mysterious “prototype engine.” At one point, we do see the motor installed in the frame, but it’s been digitally scrambled so we can’t glean any real information on the powerplant.

As for the bike’s styling, it’s sort of a modern take on a flat tracker. At least, that’s what it looks like so far. It has very similar lines to some of the bikes Roland Sands build when he first made a name for himself as a custom builder, but with an emphasis on performance, not chopper styling.

The video also talks about Victory’s plans for the bike. They’ve talked Cycle World magazine into letting one of their editors ride the bike in the hillclimb race.

What the video doesn’t do is give us a hint as to the real reason behind the bike build. Is this a one-off dreamed up by the marketing department, or is it a plan to test the market for a factory tracker?

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