Mad Bastard Scooter Rally update: Registration open for 110 cc class


The date is drawing closer for the 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, and the new rally management at KYMCO Canada has opened registration for the 110-200 cc group (the “Therapy Required” class) and made some other announcements.

This year, there are a few changes to the points system; it’s a little easier to win on a 50 cc- 110 cc scooter, and there are other tweaks as well. You can see the revised scoring system in a chart below.

While the race runs on the weekend offering the most daylight (June 19-21, during summer solstice), riders can still be out after dark. To improve visibility, Kymco has announced each rider’s packet will contain a hi-viz vest from Nexo Sports, although we don’t think they’ll make you wear it if you decide it clashes with your gorilla costume. If you’re wondering what else you should bring for the ride, you can check out their suggested gear packing list here.

There are other details and news updates for the 2015 rally here. If you want to ride in the Day Release class (scooters over 200 cc), you’ll have to wait for May 1 to sign up, and hope there’s space left.

Charity Fundraising ($200+)
50 points (5%)
Age of scooter (1 point/year)
up to 50 points (5%)
Cubic Capacity
Day Release (greater than 200cc)
Therapy Required (111cc – 200cc)
Heavily Medicated (50cc-110cc)
Straitjacket (up to 49cc)
up to 100 points (10%)

0 points
50 points
75 points
100 points
Rider Costume
Scooter Decoration
 up to 150 points (15%)

 up to 500 points (50%)

200 points
100 points
200 points
Bonus Route  up to 150 points (15%)

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