Dirt Quake USA returns for 2015

Good news, racing fans who long to pitch their chopper sideways down a clay track – Dirt Quake USA is returning for 2015, and it’s close enough to the BC border that Canadians should be able to attend or even participate.

If you don’t know what Dirt Quake is, you can find out more about it in our previous coverage here, here and here. Started in the UK by Sideburn magazine, Dirt Quake is a weird conversion of racing and counterculture. There’s some semi-serious flat track racing involved, but the highlight of the event is racing on motorcycles that ought not to be raced, especially on dirt tracks. We’re talking choppers, cafe racers and the like.

This is pretty typical protective gear for the event. Photo: Sideburn
This is pretty typical protective gear for the event. Photo: Sideburn

Last year, the event made it to the US; here’s a story by Sean Smith on Asphalt & Rubber detailing his weekend’s madness. Smith isn’t the only person who had a good time; British roadracer Guy Martin said the UK Dirt Quake weekend was the most fun he had at any event last year (and apparently he’s returning to the British event this year on another chopper!).

Anyway, Dirt Quake is coming back to North America. The races will run June 20-21, in Castle Rock, Washington, about halfway between Seattle and Portland. That’s fairly close to the BC border, relatively speaking, so our west coast readers might be able to show up at the event.

You can find more details on this year’s event here. There are classes for everything under the sun, including snowmobiles, choppers, street trackers and Inappropriate Road Bikes (their words, not ours). It costs $75 to enter, but it looks like it could be money well-spent.

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