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Welcome to Grandstand, your source for live road racing news, covering MotoGP, World Superbike, Canadian Superbike and world class stand alone events like the Isle of Man TT.

With virtually unlimited sources available on the web from all over the world, it is easy for road racing enthusiasts to follow their favourite series.  But often times this means just race results, or lots of statistics and deep technical analysis that can seem dry or overwhelming.

Like in any sport, the hard core followers often drive what is reported, leaving casual fans feeling a little intimidated, or put off all together.  With the bulk of motorcycle road racing taking place in Europe and Asia, thousands of kilometers and continents away from North American audiences, this outsider feeling can start to become a barrier to enjoyment.

Grandstand is the democratization of motorcycle road racing news, bringing you live race reporting on Twitter, on the hour race results, but most importantly, the stories behind the people that make road racing one of the most thrilling sports in the world.

Motorcycle racing, like anything, is all about people.  Their thoughts and attitudes, reactions and explanations amplify the already phenomenal skills and actions on display for our entertainment, week after week, all season long.

Grandstand is your window into the human story of road racing, live and all the time.

Welcome to Grandstand, the inside line on motorcycle road racing.

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