Check out CSC Cyclone RX3 online maintenance tutorials

When we first told you about the California Scooter Company’s plans to bring their 250 cc Cyclone RX3 adventure bike to Canada, one of the biggest questions was about the brand’s plans to go with no dealer network, and offer online maintenance tutorials.

Now, you can view those tutorials.

The CSC Cyclone RX3 online maintenance tutorials are now posted on the company’s website. Some details are missing, like torque specs; according to CSC, you get a manual for free when you buy one of their bikes, and you can get the details there.

A cursory glance over the online tutorials seems to indicate they’ll be easy enough to follow, maybe even easier than the classic paperback manuals.

Will the Cyclone RX3 be for everyone? No, but if the price point is right, it might be a nice option for DIY-capable enthusiasts. There ought to be pretty good global parts distribution, since North America is the only place it’s hard to buy a Chinese motorcycle.

We still haven’t gotten Canadian pricing for the Cyclone RX3. Last we heard, the bike was still expected for the 2015 spring buying season, but we’re waiting for an update there, too.

Competition for the RX3 could be tough, if Honda’s recently-announced CRF250 Rally concept bike actually makes it to market. However, a rally machine isn’t necessarily an adventure bike. Without factory luggage options, buyers might decide they’d rather go with the ready-to-roll RX3, particularly if initial user reports come back positive.

But for now, the Zongshen-sourced RX3 is the only 250-class adventure motorcycle available on the market. We’re hoping to get a spin on one this summer to give you an idea of what to expect, but that plan is up in the air for now. We’ll share more details on the bike as we get them, though!

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