Video: The crash that could have happened

There’s no denying that it’s fun to ride aggressively on the street, particularly on a deserted back road. But there’s danger associated with that sort of fun, and this video shows you just how sketchy things can get.

There are at least two riders in this scenario – a rider on a sportbike, and what appears to be a Can-Am Spyder. While riding through the twisties, they encounter a car parked in the middle of a lane, on a blind corner. These guys are lucky, very lucky, to avoid a crash in this scenario. Thankfully, their reflexes helped them avoid a crash; the rider in front is very lucky there was no oncoming traffic.

Spring is almost here, and most of you will be riding in a few weeks. Have fun, but stay safe out there!


  1. Really don’t know why the car driver isn’t out of there car and waving there hands to other drivers. No flashers etc. It’s a 50/50 shot of blame . They going a bit fast . Leaves little time to react . Myself I would have crash it more then likely. Maybe the car driver just had broken down at that moment . There no other video showing what was said after the fact but focking dumby . No video showing the posted speed . We can’t really judge the whole of what happen with out that.

  2. I’m sure we’ve all had those moments. Whether it was sightseer stopped on the road, or a truck backing out of a driveway, it’s still up to the rider to judge far enough in advance. I’m sure they weren’t recording their run up the canyon just to brag about how they never exceeded the posted limits.

    • no see according to Blackie you can ride as fast or clueless as you want and if some one else does something dumb it’s their fault.

      • “…it’s their fault.” he’ll be groaning from his hospital bed (if he’s lucky). Some riders – usually young and male – require a serious crash (or 2) to wise-up.

  3. Blackie – it’ doesn’t matter why the car driver was stopped there, and we don’t know why, either way if you can’t stop you aren’t in control, it’s that simple. Instead of a car it could have been a laundry list of other things. I’ve driven the Alps many times and have been passed very few but I’ve always been able to react to cows, deer, pigs, goats, sheep, bicycles, longboard skateboards, shit, mud….

      • No argument that the driver is a dumb-arse but that would be little consolation to my wife if I hit him in that situation and died. Frankly I don’t care who is more stupid. The guys on the bike were riding a bit too fast for the circumstances and were fortunate to avoid disaster.

    • “…it’ doesn’t matter why the car driver was stopped there, and we don’t know why,..”

      Yeah, they may have been shepherding a few ducks across the road. I think Geoff here covered it off well.

      • well let’s look at it this way – Why doesn’t it matter why the car was stopped? Cause if the bike or car thingy couldn’t have made it around the stopped car they could have been injured or killed or what ever, but hey if they lived they could tell everyone how they were right and the car was wrong.
        You can only control what you are doing and almost every collision has more than one person at fault, it may be 95-5 the other guys fault or maybe 50-50.

  4. “That’s not a Can Am Spyder.”

    Indeed. That’d be an Ariel Atom. <3

    Looks like California, so the posted speed was probably 35 MPH. I'd gauge their velocity at something like 40-50 MPH at the time. They were really lucky to get away with nothing more than puckers and/or skid marks.

  5. 1. That’s not a Can Am Spyder.
    2. That was a BMW parked in the middle of the road. Typical BMW driver behaviour.
    3. Buzzerd and R. Davis…can I join you in blaming the victims of a stupid decision on the part of the car driver?

  6. I have to agree with buzzerd. Those boys were moving pretty fast. I’m too paranoid of radar traps (50 km/hr over speed limit your “racing”, I’m getting “old” too) and subsequent ticket/insce hike for years. Besides which, pre-run your course even if your familiar with the road. If they would’ve ran into the back of that car, I’m sure the bike and trike(?) would’ve shared some culpability in the accident.

  7. They were definitely moving pretty fast for a residential area, you have to keep in mind that something like that is possible around any of the corners.

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