Victory Magnum X-1: “Our loudest bike ever”

Victory has released the Magnum X-1, a motorcycle that seems to be built around a sound system.

Calling it their “loudest bike ever,” the Magnum X-1 is a factory custom version of their existing Magnum bagger model that’s “designed for serious music fans, celebrating the culture and lifestyle that Victory motorcycle owners thrive in. ”

According to their marketing copy, “pushing the sound barrier is about more than just speed.” The Victory machine’s version of a sonic boom comes courtesy of “10 speakers blasting 200 watts … It harmonizes your riding style with your music style, and puts you center stage as the headliner of a rock concert.”

Other touches on the X-1 include a super-bright LED headlight, custom aluminum rims and a 21-inch front wheel. It’s powered by the same Freedom 106 motor as the rest of Victory’s lineup.

Victory’s Canadian website says pricing for the new bike starts at $27,999.


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  1. Great, great. This seems to be a new trend with baggers. First get a loud stereo, next install an open exhaust, now since you can’t hear your stereo you need to crank it full blast. Now that the entire neighbourhood can hear you, mission accomplished.

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