Video: Steph Jeavons’ adventure continues

Steph Jeavons’ adventure around the world continues, with her return from Antarctica and re-entry to South America.

Almost a year ago, we first told you about Jeavons and her plan to ride around the world on a Honda CRF250L, visiting about 42 countries and all seven continents.

Since then, she’s ridden across Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, and now she is returning from Antarctica. You can see a video below showing her adventures in leaving Antarctica; she brought her bike over on a sailboat, partied with scientific research crews along the coast (who were very excited to see her motorcycle!), but the return trip wasn’t so easy – loading the bike was a bit of a chore, as you’ll see!

Jeavons is heading north now, en route to North America, the final continent to visit. She says she’s planning to visit Canada, and will probably need some places to stay, so if you think you might be able to help out, contact her through her web page or Facebook.


  1. Steph – I hope your itinerary now includes travel along the north shore of Lake Superior. How could you skip that part – it’s the most scenic ride in Ontario!! Ed and Rachel just did it this past week!

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