Ninja R2 name trademarked in Europe

Could there be another supercharged Kawasaki coming? The answer is maybe, if rumours of a new Ninja R2 are true.

Reports from European magazines say Kawasaki has filed for a trademark on the name “Ninja R2.” Team Green already has two 250-class sport bikes in Europe, including a new single-cylinder model introduced to that market at EICMA last year. Anything’s possible, but it’s unlikely they’re introducing another naturally-aspirated beginner bike.

Of course, the biggest news would be a new bike related to the H2, preferably with a supercharger. Or maybe a turbocharger? We’ll have to wait and see, and hope we don’t get subjected to a summer-long teaser marketing campaign like we got for the H2 series in 2014.


  1. Yamaha owns the R1, R3 and R6 designations, Kawasaki has trademarked Ninja R2, so is this when Yamaha gets their shorts in a knot and calls out the attack lawyers, or are they not similar enough to bother?

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