Video: Song of the Open Road (via cafe racer!)

There’s a subculture out there these days that likes to make films – films about dudes and ladies on cobbled-together customs, with indie soundtracks and skinny jeans and visually striking cinematography. This cafe racer video is one of those films.

Does it work? Sure, the voiceover of a Walt Whitman poem might seem a tad pretentious, but why not? The filmwork is absolutely stunning; turns out the people who shot it actually work as an aerial photography company in real life, out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

As drones like the Hexo+ and AirDog become more widely available, the technology to make films like this is going to make its way into the hands of users who could never have made these sort of aerial shots in the past. One of the main drawbacks of self-shot riding videos of the past is that few of them have ever visually expressed the feeling of riding in the great outdoors.

Now you can send a camera up into the sky, set it to follow you, and show everybody what you’re riding through from a birds-eye perspective. It makes riding look a lot more fun, which is something the world needs to hear, no matter what subculture it’s coming from.


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