2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally details announced

Scooterman's ride attracted plenty of viewers on Friday night.

Yesterday, we told you CMG has sold the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally. Today, we’re telling you some details of the 2015 event.

Registration for the rally opens on March 1 for the Straitjacket class (scooters up to 50 cc). On April 1, the Heavily Medicated class (scooters up to 110 cc) can register. On April 15, the Therapy Required class (up to 200 cc) can register, and the Day Release class (over 200 cc) can register on May 1. Registration closes May 15.

Cost to register for this year’s rally is $199.99 for riders, and $99.99 for passengers/guests.

This year’s rally will run in the area of Guelph, Ontario. It’ll be based out of the Guelph Delta hotel. For 2015, contestants will be raising money for Guelph’s chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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