Speed and Strength starts direct online sales in Canada

Speed and Strength has announced they’ll sell their gear directly to Canadian consumers.

According to their website: “Because we heard our Canadian customers loud and clear…..

Speed and Strength is now selling and shipping direct in Canada.  All orders placed are shipped from Canada helping our customers avoid all the unexpected fees, customs wait times and all the other bull sh*t associated with online cross-border shopping.”

It’s an interesting move. For the past few years, Canadians have been buying a lot of gear from US online retailers; the Canadian Internet sales scene has been slowly growing, but US web retailers have sucked a lot of money out of our market. However, with the decline of the Canadian dollar, those US buys are suddenly less attractive. Plus, it’s true that cross-border shipping has always been a hassle.

Which leads us to this point! Canadian consumers are now used to spending online, and the past few years have hit some dealers hard. While some still maintain a good showroom with plenty of gear to try on, others are reasoning there’s no point in carrying a line of jackets or helmets for customers to try on for fit, then buy online. As a result, some dealers are carrying less gear, making local purchases difficult or even impossible for some Canadians – and once again, online shopping gets a boost.

At this time, nobody knows for sure where the Canadian dollar is headed for the next few years, but if it stays low, we’re guessing Speed and Strength won’t be the only company moving into direct online sales and cutting out a middleman or two.

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