Video: Supermoto escape

Supermotos might not be much fun on the open highway, but dang, if they ain’t the weapon of choice for backroad twisties. This video might help you see that, if you don’t agree already.

True story: Back in 2013, when I rode to Arizona, I tried to talk Ducati into letting me take a Hyperstrada, their then-new touring supermoto. They said no, and I ended up taking a Harley-Davidson Switchback, which was a bit of a trade-off.

Out in the western states, there were stretches where the Switchback was the perfect ride; on a long, straight highway, with heavy crosswinds, the bulky V-twin was the ideal motorcycle. However, on the tight rural roads of Appalachia, I would have certainly appreciated the supermoto’s handling and light weight. I spent a lot of time on roads very similar to what you see in this video, and the su-mo would have been the weapon of choice.

Enjoy your Monday morning escape!


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