CCM GP450 update

The CCM GP450 was supposed to be a new model last year, but never materialized, so we reached out to Canadian importer Motorsports Canada to find out where they were at.

Dave Mackenzie, sales manager at Motorsports Canada, tells us they’re getting close to certification with Transport Canada, possibly even a few weeks away. Once they get the bike certified, they’ll start opening dealers and offering a timeline for delivery, and set the MSRP.

So, it sounds that we might see the bike ready for sales this spring, with the main hitch being Transport Canada – as is usual, with most small-volume machines.

Got more questions? You can see them at the motorcycle show in Toronto this weekend. Otherwise, we’re told we’ll be the first to know when the bike is certified, which means, dear reader, that you’ll be the second to know …

If you just got here, and you’re wondering what the CCM GP450 is, click here for some more details.


    • I think the reason for the 450 motor was two-fold: 1, they wanted something with plenty of power-to-weight. 2, BMW was no longer using the design, so I assume it’s more affordable than something in current production.

      • I agree, those engines were probably being given away, but for their “RTW” bike design, wouldn’t air cooled, simple, reliable, torquey and with the biggest aftermarket support be the best idea?

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