Details: Canadian Scrambler availability

Photo: Costa Mouzouris

Want a Ducati Scrambler? Canadian buyers might have a bit of a wait, because according to a Ducati insider, they’re sold out here already. Take heart, though! You will be able to buy a Scrambler if you want one this summer, you’ll just have to wait for availability on the 2016 model. We understand they’ll be available in July … so that gives you a few weeks of riding before the snow starts again in September :).

Although it’s the most economical entry in the Ducati lineup, the company seems to have their fortunes staked on this model; at last weekend’s show in Moncton, the four versions of the Scrambler took up about as much space as the rest of Ducati’s lineup, and held as much floor space (or more!) than two other Japanese manufacturers and two other Euro manufacturers.

In recent years, bikes like the Yamaha Bolt, the Royal Enfield Continental GT and now the Scrambler have sold in great numbers in Canada. Despite all the talk about growth in adventure riding, it seems classic, retro-inspired designs are doing pretty well these days too.


  1. Lets hope the 2016 has the insanely ugly canister on the motors’ front left corner engineered away. LOTS of attention at this weekend’s Toronto bike show for the Scrambler !!!

    • I hope the manufacturers get this message. If someone could make an affordable counterpart to the SR400, it would sell like crazy. But the SR400 won’t even come to Canada because they can’t sell it cheap enough. The TU250 is already here, but suffers from the same pricing problem. I don’t know why some manufacturer doesn’t team up with China to produce a retro classic in that country, but with quality control and a big name behind it. Suzuki is already building the GW250 there, and the Chinese know how to build a DR200 motor; why not build a classic bike around that, and sell it for the same price as the GW?

  2. “…so that gives you a few weeks of riding before the snow starts again in September.”

    I understand that you’re likely trying to be humourous however it doesn’t typically snow in September in Vancouver. Or February, for that matter, judging by the fact that I need to get out and cut my lawn.

    This is CANADA Moto Guide, right? Not Eastern Canada Moto Guide.

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