Victory launches riding simulator

Victory has launched a new virtual reality system that lets you ride a motorcycle without leaving their booth at the motorcycle show.

The new technology is based around the Oculus Rift virtual reality equipment. Victory has added their own motorcycle sounds, 3D graphics and a leaning stand built around a Victory Gunner that lets customers feel like they’re sitting on a motorcycle. The system even has a virtual throttle that lets the virtual riders feel like they’re in control of the machine.

People using the system will be treated to a virtual ride around the area of Sturgis, South Dakota. You can see a YouTube video showing part of the ride below; it’s unclear if this is the same stuff that the riders see. If so, it’s a bit disappointing, because though the tie-in with the leaning motorcycle stand is interesting, the graphics themselves don’t look like you’re actually riding a real motorcycle through a real environment.

Victory demonstrated the new Virtual Ride Experience (as it’s officially known) at the Chicago motorcycle show over the weekend.

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