Unveiled: Indian Chief Dark Horse

Indian debuted the Chief Dark Horse model at the Chicago motorcycle show over the weekend. Here are some more details on that new cruiser.

The Dark Horse will have a $19,799 MSRP in Canada. That price is $2,200 less than the Chief Classic, but $7,600 more than the Scout, which remains the lowest-price entry in the Indian lineup.

There will be Dark Horse demos available at Daytona in March, and the bike is supposed to be available in the spring buying season. There will be at least 40 accessories available from the manufacturer, including the usual ape hangers, air cleaners, exhausts and other gee-gaws, except they’ll be black instead of chrome. Stock, the bike is set up for solo riding, but passenger pegs and seat are available as accessories.

Powered by the highly rated Thunder Stroke® 111 engine and wrapped in the same chassis and suspension of the Indian Chief Classic, the Dark Horse also maintains ABS, a remote key fob for keyless ignition, electronic cruise control, and features a promotional* 5-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Most of the bike is similar to the Chief Classic, although it looks different. The Dark Horse has the ThunderStroke 111 motor with the same chassis and suspension, ABS, electronic cruise control, and remote key fob for keyless ignition. However, changes to the trim and switching to cast wheels means the bike weighs 341 kg, while the Chief Classic weighs 354 kg dry.


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