Video: Rise of the Motos

Motorcycle industry thinkers always make a lot of noise about the rapid expansion of motorcycle markets in the developing world, but there’s another side to all that success, as you can see in the video below.

The motorcycle has always been a key step to the mechanization of a culture. While they weren’t as key to the development of North America (likely due to the climate here), two-wheelers played a huge part in global move from horses to automobiles. That process is still ongoing in Asia, where most of the world’s motorcycles are sold.

Sounds good, right? Motorcycles are affordable, and people in those countries need cheap wheels. Unfortunately, when riders aren’t wearing helmets and when nobody follows the rules of the road, things get dangerous. The video below is a look at the result of all the two-wheeled mayhem.

Cambodia: Rise of the Motos from Foreign Policy on Vimeo.


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