Guy Martin contemplating future

Guy Martin may not be the fastest rider at the Isle of Man, but he's setting a lot of other speed records.

Guy Martin, truck-mechanic-turned-racer-turned-TV-personality, seems to be thinking hard about his future.

Martin, who rides for TAS Racing at the Isle of Man TT and is the star of several BBC specials based around speed or travel, made comments in a recent  interview that seemed to indicate he might retire soon from the IOMTT. In an interview with the Times newspaper, he said he needed a rest.

“My job is a truck mechanic and I’ve taken my eye off the ball. I get £12 an hour and double time on Saturday mornings. That’s good money up our way,” he told the reporter. “The TV stuff has knackered my racing too. Not in results — last year’s TT was one of my best but I didn’t get five minutes. I used to go racing for fun. Now it’s hard work.”

Does that mean he’s going to hang up his leathers soon? Likely not – he’s scheduled to ride a BMW at this year’s IOMTT, likely the most competitive bike he’s ridden in a long time. He’s said that switch in machinery is the only reason he returned to the IOMTT, though.

On his Facebook page, Martin said “”There seem to be plenty of folk who are asking if I’m retiring from racing. There are some events that I’m thinking of calling it a day on. There’s a lot of things I want to do and it’s hard to fit everything in. But I love building and racing bikes and I’ll always find some oddball events to have a go at.”

One of those oddball events is the Pikes Peak hillclimb, which Martin rode last year on a Martek-framed GSX-R1100, complete with turbocharger.

It will be interesting to see Martin’s future unfold; in some ways, he seems uncomfortable with celebrity. However, working as a TV personality and racer ensures he has the funds to fund high-horsepower adventures, but if he’s just as happy wrenching underneath a Peterbilt, more power to him. There are plenty of other Isle of Man stars who never had the chance to have a peaceful retirement.


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