Video: Beyond Siberia

Twenty years after Mondo Enduro visited Siberia, the northern wilderness still remains a challenge for adventure riders – so naturally, Compass Expeditions has decided to release a film about one of their guided tours in the area.

Compass Expeditions is one of the new adventure tour guiding outfits that takes riders to the far edges of the globe. Their upcoming release (two one-hour episodes, coming in April) tells of a 105-day trip from London to Magadan, via France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and of course, ending in Russia.

It’s a pricy trip; you can find out more about it here. If you’re interested, but don’t think you can afford it, you can wait a few weeks for the video to come out; it’s presented and narrated by Charley Boorman, who ought to know a bit about those areas himself. The trailer for the video is below.

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