S&S brings out new exhaust line

S&S has introduced a new exhaust line that should help riders who are looking to extract max horsepower from their aftermarket V-twin tweaks.

S&S is best-known for building big-bore V-twin motors that drop into Harley-Davidsons, or are used in custom builds. They also sell a lot of other hop-up parts, including trick air filters, cams, carbs and more.

The new Power Tune exhaust lineup is supposedly built to increase max horsepower performance. Now, S&S has other exhaust systems in their lineup, but they tend to be aimed at touring use, not increasing power output. With the new Power Tune system, people buying S&S parts should be able to more accurately predict the gains they’ll see from installing all the bits, instead of wondering how using another company’s aftermarket exhaust will affect their improvements.

According to S&S, the new headers will “add 8 horsepower over your stock header pipes” if you’re riding a 2009-2014 Big Twin, and will also reduce the amount of heat radiated towards your passenger, thanks to a relocated header. The exhausts are also available for other Harley-Davidson models.

Find out more about the exhaust at S&S’s website here.


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