Speed and Strength publishes 2015 catalogue

If you’re looking for some new budget gear, Speed and Strength has published their Spring 2015 catalogue on their website.

The book, available here, shows off their new helmets, jackets and other assorted bits and bobs of gear. We haven’t tested any of the stuff ourselves, but the prices are low. Remember, you usually get what you pay for when it comes to motorcycle equipment.

In the past few years, motorcycle gear makers have been moving towards making safety equipment that doesn’t necessarily look like safety equipment; the Speed and Strength stuff is no exception, with gear like an “Armored Moto Shirt” and the “American Beauty Armored Hoody.” Gear like this will never replace good textile or leather jackets and pants, but at least someone’s trying to make an effort to keep people safe.


  1. Welcome to the future TK4. It is no longer good enough to be able to go a motorcycle catalog and select what item you are looking for. That is beyond old fashioned.
    Now, before you can do anything, you have to scroll down and select what flavour of ‘Beardo’ most represents you as a person. That way, you only see things that correspond with your image… And you never have to worry about wearing the wrong colour of sparkly helmet.

    Take note CMG, your new motorcycle buyers guide should be Set up in a similar fashion.

    • Cael, we looked long and hard into figuring out how to correspond a reader’s beard with their motorcycle choice, but had to abandon the project when we had trouble with mustache compatibility.

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