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Lawsuit denied

It’s irresponsible to ride around on a motorcycle without insurance, but even more irresponsible to hit someone when doing so. That’s what Nova Scotia’s Thomas Percy Tupper did back in 1983, though, and the ensuing debacle is still unfolding in courts today.

When Tupper was found 75 per cent guilty of his motorcycle-pedestrian collision, his settlement was paid by Judgment Recovery, an insurer-organized group that took care of that sort of thing. They then tried to get the money out of Tupper. He turned around and 20 years later (!!) decided he’d sue a long list of people involved with the case: Judgment Recovery, lawyers (including some of his own), the province of Nova Scotia … the list grew and grew. He claimed there was a conspiracy against him, and took his case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Unfortunately for Tupper, the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia and provincial Court of Appeal had enough of his antics, saying he hadn’t paid his court costs for previous legal action; as a result, the Supreme Court of Canada said they wouldn’t hear his suit. the Poor guy – now that he’s not going to win his massive lawsuit, how will he afford motorcycle insurance?  He’s apparently still got a date with the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, so he’s likely holding out hope for that date. We wonder if he’ll ride to court on a motorcycle, wearing a tinfoil hat as a helmet?

Source: Chronicle Herald

That sinking feeling

And this is why it’s not always a good idea to hit that puddle at top speed, no matter what your friends say.

Walking the plank

And here’s one of those classic Internet clips. You know what we mean – the ones that used to go up on America’s Funniest Home Videos back in the day. The ones that, as soon as you saw what was going on, you knew would go wrong.

All about that bike

Here is a video that embodies almost everything wrong with the North American motorcycling scene, when it’s at its worst.

Bixby Moto Gone Wild

Last week, we showed you the mad lads at Bixby Moto as they hooned around in the desert. Fact is, this is nothing new for those chaps – they abuse motorcycles with regularity, with no concern as to engine size.

Here are a couple more videos from them, including a spaghetti western-themed minibike romp, and another clip that harks back to those post-apocalyptic films of the 1980s (based in the “Future of 1999). Think Mad Max, with scooters and a soundtrack by Lazerhawk, but no coherent plotline or point. At least they were having fun when they filmed it.


  1. “Here is a video that embodies almost everything wrong with the North American motorcycling scene, when it’s at its worst.”

    I’ll say. There was very little that could make the loss of that time of my life actually worthwhile.

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