Video: Talking with Chip Yates

Chip Yates, back during his motorcycle record-setting phase. Next, we expect him to fly to the moon.

Here’s a clip for all you crotchety curmudgeons who say electric motorcycles have no soul and that battery bikes will forever ruin racing.

In this video, electric superbike pioneer Chip Yates talks about his career in AMA roadracing, then electric bike racing, then electric flight. CMG readers should remember Yates’ name from a couple years ago, when he was breaking records every weekend, it seems. This video talks about some of those escapades, including his Pikes Peak efforts, his land speed racing, and how he was introduced into roadracing.

There might not have been any hydrocarbons involved, but if you think Yates and other electric racers have lost their connection to the roots of motorcycle racing, you’re wrong.

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