Get ready for a Victory battery bike

A couple weeks ago, we told you Polaris had bought out Brammo’s electric motorcycle business, and we could likely expect a Victory-branded battery bike in the future as a result. Turns out we were probably right!

According to a trademark application filed on January 27, Polaris is looking to trademark the name “Victory Charger” for an electric motorcycle. Other than that, details are slim – there’s no mention of battery capacity, horsepower or anything else.

However, it’s a move that makes sense for Victory; the company seems like they’re going for the modern muscle bike market, while Indian will focus on retro cruisers. Electric bikes can be very muscular indeed, and if Victory beats Harley-Davidson to market with the first battery bike from a major North American manufacturer, it’ll be a coup for them. Just picture a battery pack in a package like the bike seen above, and that’s probably what we’ll see.

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