CMG’s Facebook page tops the 3,000 mark

Three thousand Facebook followers? Big deal I hear you say, and you would be right. For an Internet-only motorcycle magazine 3,000 followers seems a tad small, but we’ll tell you why it’s an important landmark for CMG.

Up until about 4-5 months ago we didn’t pay much attention to Facebook as we  had set up automated posts from CMG – you, our beloved readers, did not engage with this type of posting.  We saw our competitors’ Facebook numbers and thought about what we had to do to get in the Social Media Game.

Enter Jumpwire Media. Jumpwire provided invaluable advice and training on developing our Social Media plan and understanding the vortex that is Facebook. Our goal delivering all new Facebook content and tripling our number of followers (Likes) has been achieved. Our next milestone is under way.

What we’ve learned beyond the perceived value of the number of Likes is the importance and value of engagement.  The number of Likes tells us how many followers are actively receiving our posts in their news feed.  (For more on  how Facebook determines which posts you’ll get in your news feed click here, and  here‘s another article on it.)

Engagement tells us the percentage of people who saw a post that liked, shared, clicked or commented on it.  In other words, engagement indicates interest. Being interested is the seed to discovery and possibility! And adventure on motorcycles comes next!… Ok, ok,  back to F/b .

The  engagement on Canada Moto Guide’s Facebook page has skyrocketed to top position week over week since we’ve been monitoring stats. To give you an idea of why we are so excited with your response to our F/b content, here are some numbers: we have an engagement rate of 431 this week, and our nearest competitor has 132, then 32 and zeroes after that  (we follow the top six F/b  pages of Canadian motorcycle magazines). Over the last few months, CMG has averaged a 230% higher average than our nearest Canadian motorcycle media competitor.

Thank you readers and followers for continuing to participate in our community.  We love to hear from you so feel free to suggest posts or articles. Stay tuned to as we bring you some exciting new development on the Editorial Team, and we hope you are enjoying using  the new online CMG Buyer’s Guide!

Back to Likes, much as we love engagement,  if you haven’t already liked our Facebook page, please give us the thumbs up so that you too can join in the conversations  at CMG, and perhaps to dilute all the cat videos and vitriolic rants that otherwise fill your coffee break.


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