SOAR rulebook posted

Photo: Mindy Chmielewski

Interested in racing in Ontario’s SOAR series? Especially now that they’ve teamed up with RACE? Well, you can now check out the 2015 rulebook.

The 2015 rules, posted here, don’t see many major changes, except to class structure and rules about points. On SOAR’s Facebook page, there was some discussion about compatibility with RACE’s rulebook; SOAR bigwig Ken McAdam said he expected RACE will update their rulebook, making it more similar to SOAR’s regulations.

As well, the 2015 schedule is posted on SOAR’s website, and supposedly none of those dates will change at this point. You can see the schedule below. All events are at Grand Bend Raceway in Ontario.

SOAR Practice Weekend – May 9 & 10
Configuration:  TBA
Round One – May 22-23-24
Configuration:  Long Track
Round Two – June 19-20-21
Configuration:  Modified
All Bike Weekend – Summer Sizzler and Harleys by the beach
Round Three – July 10-11-12
Configuration:  Reverse Alien
Annual Memorial Weekend – In memory of Steve Shreeve & Jeff Waller
Round Four – July 24-25-26
Configuration:  Technical Track
Round Five – September 11-12-13
Configuration:  Screaming Alien
Round Six – October 2-3-4
Configuration:  Reverse Technical
Annual SOAR Thanksgiving Feast


  1. Glad to see the rules coming together. My only issue is with calling 600 cc 4 cyl bikes of any age a lightweight! That’s middleweight.

    I’d also like to see some movement towards pump gas. It would require the honor system because no one really wants to police it but it could drastically reduce the cost of being competitive.

    As best I can see tires are completely open, treads or slicks just make sure they are safe. Like it.

  2. With SOAR and RACE getting onside, let’s hope that club racing can return to the entry levels and status it once held. The National Series isn’t for everyone, neither is VRRA, so if they can bridge that gap then everyone will succeed.

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