Video: Ed and Rachel vs. the Dalton

A C90 is even fun when you crash it - Rach was always smiling when she hit the ground

Ed March’s latest video update shows just how dangerous the Dalton Highway is – as in, not very.

March, the man who rode a Honda C90 from Malaysia to the UK, then up to the Arctic Circle, and is currently riding across Canada with girlfriend Rachel Lasham, has just posted the first video update from his trip through the Americas (of course, avid CMGers have already read about some of these adventures in Ed’s updates on our site).

As usual, it’s got swearing, Ed’s naked backside, penis jokes, and shows the “World’s Most Dangerous Roads” sometimes aren’t that dangerous, if ridden at sane speeds on light bikes. Of course, it also helps that there’s no snow, and when you encounter placid black bears instead of hungry brown bears.


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