Video: Custom SR400 builds

Yamaha’s SR400 still isn’t coming to Canada for 2015, and with the slide of the Canadian dollar, we can’t see it ever happening.

But, if you look hard enough, you can find a used SR500 on Kijiji (it’ll take  a while), and you can still go ahead with a build like the ones shown in the video below. It’s too bad economics make the retro Yammie a no-go for our market, as it’s a handsome machine with true retro roots, having never gone out of production since the late ’70s, and featuring almost minimal updating. That might be a bad thing to people who don’t like kickstarters, but it’s OK with us.



  1. – Haunting slide guitar background music? Check.
    – Slow motion video? Check.
    – Rapid scene changes? Check.
    – Slow focus, low angle camera shots? Check.
    – Low saturation colour? Check.
    – Reference to Starsky and Hutch as inspirational? What the…?
    – Beardos? What’s this? No beardos?!?!?!

    3:08 I’ll never get back.

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