Nand Logic’s “smart helmet” could elevate the game

The smart helmets of the future will probably all share very similar features, and prices will be more or less the same.

We’ve seen several smart helmets in the past few months that offer things like integrated GPS or communications systems, but a prototype from Nand Logic seems to have leapfrogged much of that tech and added more.

The new smart helmet offers Bluetooth integration with GPS, phone and music integration, but also has features we have yet to see on other smart helmets. For instance, the helmet has built-in LED turn signals; the helmet uses GPS to sense when the rider is turning, and activates the signal. There are also built-in LED headlights and taillight. An ambient light sensor controls the brightness of these LEDs.

The helmet also has HD video cameras facing front and rear. Not only will these cameras record your ride, they also warn of imminent collisions, with built-in blind spot warning. If only every car was equipped with such technology …

There are lots of other bells and whistles with the Nand Logic lid – an external mic with wind noise cancellation that’s synced to the video camera, a built-in fan that automatically clears the helmet out when it fogs up, intelligent noise cancellation with siren and car horn recognition … this is a very ambitious project. We haven’t heard much about it in the mainstream press yet, but if this prototype continues development and makes it into production, we’re expecting the press to deem it revolutionary.


  1. We will be conducting a Kickstarter campaign sometime this summer. You will be able to place preorder then. After Kickstarter that we will be going into production, sometime late 2015.

  2. Hi Guys

    Let us try to address some of your questions and concerns.

    Intelligent Lighting
    1. We have found that the biggest complaint riders have about the road is that “people don’t see us.” That is the biggest hazard on the road, not being seen. In addition to that most motorists have confessed to paying more attention the the rider than the bike, which is where all of the lights and indicators are. So our helmet was designed with this in mind, we are trying to take advantage of the attention placed on the rider and use the Smart Helmet to clarify his or her actions on the road.

    Design and Construction
    2. The styling is different but it isn’t all fashion, the curves and swoops came from our attempts to make the helmet more aerodynamic and yes beautiful. While the latter task is subjective, the former is objective and we are currently performing CFD analysis to improve air flow. Now as far as weight goes, the combined weight of all the electronics are less than the weight of two AA batteries. It may seem like all of those components might be heavy, but they are all very small and light weight. We are exploring printed battery technology at the moment inorder to keep the battery weight down. At present the prototype does not weigh more than a Shoei helmet, in fact it weighs less.

    Production and Kickstarter
    3. We will be conducting a Kickstarter campaign sometime this summer. This a second stage prototype, we are working on our third stage prototype. We will start our Kickstarter campaign with that model, and yes after that we are going into production.

    Company Name: Yes you got it right! We named the company after a nand gate because the nand gate is a universal gate in logic design, with it you can design and build any digital circuit you like. If you look closely at the logo you will see that the “d” in the word Nand doubles as a nand gate! Embedded SoC design is what we do, we are an engineering design firm. However we will be bringing some single ended solutions to the marketplace, the Smart Helmet is just the start.

    • I used to write programs for the D.E.C PDP8 in Octal and Hexadecimal format and fried many brain cells studying Boolean equations.

  3. Doubtful it will make it to market and if it does it will be mega expensive and heavy. Anything you add to a helmet adds weight and can be felt. I believe they got the name from nand gate and nor gate if I remember my PC tech from college. I am the only one having trouble posting replies?

  4. What about something that just keeps the wind off your face and protects you in the event of a crash? If I wanted to wear a f… entertainment system I’d buy some VR goggles.

    • I think there are two people who will buy these helmets: techies and touring junkies. Some people will always want the latest technology, and this will likely be the primary market. However, the touring market will be fans of the GPS and comm systems. That stuff has been integrated into motorcycles for years – the helmet just takes it one step further.

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