Polaris motorcycle sales see huge growth

Polaris is on a roll.

Ever since they acquired the Indian brand and engineered an almost-overnight revamp of the marque, Polaris has sold a lot more motorcycles. The year started off strong, with a 52 per cent growth in the first quarter, and that continued all year long. The final tally for 2014 sales says Indian and Victory sold $348,733,000 worth of motorcycles between them in 2015.

That number is actually a total of 59 per cent growth for 2014 – Polaris actually picked up steam as the year went on.

Long-term, it’s likely next year’s sales will jump even more, as Polaris just added the Brammo lineup. Whether they plan on integrating electric technology into their Indian and Victory lineups isn’t clear, but even if they stick with the Brammo branding for their battery bikes, we should see sales rise with the inclusion of electric bikes in 2015.

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