CMG 2015 Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide launched!

Wow, what a project! Who’d have thought that putting together bike specs from the top ten brands in Canada would be such a rigmarole? Well, after much swearing and several genius saves from our project-hire, Tim,  we now have a pretty comprehensive Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide  for the Canadian motorcycle enthusiast.

In order to get this guide up as quickly as possible, we’re launching with the top 10 manufacturers (based on number of 2015 models available) and will add more over the next few weeks. The Guide offers all the main available statistics we could get for each bike along with a selection of pictures and a short description about it.

We hope that prospective bike buyers, or indeed anyone who likes to glean through stats will find this Guide as useful as we do.  We realize that there’s always room for improvements (the mobile version for example), and this project won’t just be updated with new models – we’ll also be adding new features as we go forward as we want to ensure that Canada’s first online interactive motorcycle buyer’s guide will always be the best!

How to – Use and Abuse

The CMG MBG consists of the following pages;

Landing page – After a short intro/disclaimer you will find the option to search by the regular header fields (top) or by Brand (i.e. you can see all the available Hondas on one page) or Category (i.e.  you can see all the Adventure bikes on one page).

Search Results Page – A list of all the bikes that fit your search criteria, showing the bike’s image, model link, brand, category, capacity, price and comparison button. Each header is sortable by clicking on it. The model link takes you through to a detailed page on that model and the compare button allows you to select up to four models of any brand to show in a new page.

Comparo Page – This will show any models selected for comparison in a single page. You can use this to compare all the available statistics for each model to help you decide which bike of several may best suit your needs. The page also includes some sponsored options*.

Model Detail Page –  A more detailed look at a specific model with image gallery, short description about the model and a full specs sheet. The page also includes some sponsored options*.

* Sponsorship options – the Comparo and Model Detail pages incorporate the option to link through to the model’s page on its manufacturer’s Canadian site as well as a link to find your closest dealers, if the manufacturer has sponsored its listing. Rest assured, sponsorship does not get any favouritism in this guide. All information provided is as accurate as possible and without outside influence.



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