Exclusive: Energica electric bikes to come to Canada

W.C. Distributing continues their push to bring electric bikes to Canada, with news that they’ve added Energica to their line.

Not familiar with Energica? That’s OK – most motorcyclists in North America aren’t. Energica builds electric superbikes in Italy. Rob managed to spot some at the 2014 EICMA show. Here’s what he had to say about them then:

“These are serious bikes with 136hp / 143 lbs-ft from their motors and a max range of 190km (@60 km/h), dropping down to 150 km (at 80 km/h) and 100 km at the more realistic 100 km/h mark. They also come with four riding modes; standard, eco, rain and sport.

The Ego will head to the States and Canada at a price of US$34,000 and will be accompanied by a high spec version (Ohlins, carbon fibre, etc) at a heady US$68,000, so not an option for your average sport bike rider then.”

With the recent fluctuation in the Euro, we’re not sure what price we’ll see when the machines get here. You can learn more about Energica here. W.C. Distributing is hoping to have their machines in Canada for the 2016 riding season.

WC Distributing is also hoping to have the Lightning electric superbike lineup in Canada for the 2016 season. Those bikes are undergoing Transport Canada compliance tests now.

Although we had news last week that Victory has purchased Brammo’s electric bike business, W.C. Distributing is apparently still going to be importing them to Canada. They’ve added dealers in Ontario and Quebec and are looking to get another in the Maritimes.

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