Details of Cleveland Cyclewerks’ new Canadian distributor

CCW's Misfit is a throwback to the days of cafe racers.

As we told you a few days back, Visionary Motorsports, former distributor of Cleveland Cyclewerks in Canada, is in receivership. Now, here are a few details on the new distributor.

CCW is now coming into the country under the auspices of GVA Brands. That name might be unfamiliar at first, but some of their product should be familiar; along with Cleveland Cyclewerks’ bikes, GVA also imports Gio bikes. The company has been around since 2001.

We managed a few words with Aneil Manhas, president of Amjil Capital, the company that owns GVA. He’s got a background in finance; he said he’s made a lot of changes since his company bought GVA, including the existing lineup of Gio machines.

“A lot of the old Gio product, to me, wasn’t up to snuff,” he said. He says his company plans to bring in roughly the same amount of powersports products in 2015, around the same price point, but of better quality. Cleveland Cyclewerks’ machines are part of that plan. The Heist chopper and Ace retro standard ought to be available for the start of the 2015 riding season, but it’s always a crap shoot predicting arrival dates for Chinese motorcycles, as anything from regulatory hurdles to shipping woes can delay the bikes.

GVA is working on bringing the Misfit cafe racer into Canada, but it will be a while, as it doesn’t have EPA approval at the moment.

Manhas says the business model for GVA going forward will focus on service and support – the problems that many China-bike owners have complained about for years, especially with distributors that seem to always go bust, often leaving owners high and dry. Hopefully GVA will be able to reverse the trend China-bike sellers have set in the past.


  1. Why would you want to buy one with NO distributor/dealer network, parts supply or warranty support ? Save yourself the grief…

  2. I can’t believe how hard it is to find a distributor around me that can possibly sell me a Apollo(Gio) 150, 160 or 250 cc dirt bike at a reasonable price! Out of California with a Detroit mailing address I can get a DB-D060 250cc for around $1750 Canadian dollars. It is listed at almost $3000 in Canada. Not sure why such a difference??? Would love o get the answers for this. Thks

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