By the numbers: Record years for Euro manufacturers

BMW and Ducati had record-setting motorcycle sales in 2014, and Triumph had one of the company’s best-ever years as well.

According to BMW Motorrad, they sold 123,495 motorcycles in 2014, a 7.2 % increase over 2013’s numbers. Ducati’s growth wasn’t quite as significant; they sold 45,100 motorcycles, up 2 % from 2013. That’s a company record for them as well.

Triumph also had  a fantastic year; they sold 54,432 motorcycles, their best number in the 30 years since the company  was reborn.

At this point, we haven’t seen  numbers for the Asian manufacturers, although we’ve seen reports that sales numbers in general rose across the board in some markets, which would indicate some growth for the Big Four and their smaller competition.


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