Harley-Davidson to become “official bike” of Sturgis

Harley-Davidson has signed a 75-year deal to become the official motorcycle of the Sturgis rally.

The deal was announced yesterday, but the press release we saw didn’t reveal the money behind the deal. As part of the move Harley-Davidson will have an official plaza on Main Street that can be used for weddings, concerts and the like. When building the plaza, they’ll integrate bricks from the company’s Milwaukee headquarters.

What was announced was whether or not this deal will have an impact on Indian. For the last couple years, Indian has used the Sturgis rally as a backdrop to introduce new models, ingeniously associating their reborn company with one of the US’s longest-running motorcycle rally. With this new deal making the MoCo the official bike of Sturgis, maybe the Polaris brain trust will now have to figure out a new venue to promote their products.


  1. Jeez I’m glad they finally got that cleared up. I was pretty confused about what brand and type of bike they prefer at Sturgis.

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