Details of MV Agusta’s F4 RC confirmed

It’s been an open secret for a while now: MV Agusta is building a faster F4, but information has been scarce. Now, we have some details on MV Agusta’s new superbike confirmed, thanks to a tipster.

As initial rumours suggested (thanks to a spy snap), the new F4 RC will have a 998 cc four-cylinder motor that makes 210 hp at 13,600 rpm, and 81.87 ft-lb of torque at 9,600 rpm. It will have a 175-kg dry weight, a 1430 mm wheelbase and 830 mm saddle height.

Changed to the engine’s internals include a lighter crankshaft, new cylinder head, bigger fuel injectors and magnesium covers with titanium screws. The pistons are lighter, and have titanium con rods, and the gears are also lighter.

There will be plenty of carbon-fiber bodywork (fairings, fenders and other bits), and the bike has new forged wheels. Suspension is courtesy of Ohlins. A lithium-ion battery helps keep weight down.

There will also be a racing kit available, with  titanium exhaust, carbon-fiber seat cover and a few other minor odds and ends.

We don’t have a photo of the new bike yet, but since most specs are similar to the standard F4, we’re guessing it will look very similar.

The FF4RC will be available in July, and will have an MSRP of $54,995.

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