Product news: New seats available for Harley-Davidson Street models

Harley-Davidson’s lineup has long been a favour of the aftermarket, for various reasons, but the new Street models have seen little interest since they were introduced last year. Now, that’s changing.

Mustang has introduced new seats for the Street 500 and Street 750 models. They include the Fastback, a seat that’s supposed to give your Street a lower, sportier look; the Touring seat, which is supposed to add comfort and the Vintage Touring seat, aimed at riders who want to spend long hours in the saddle. That seat also has an adjustable back rest for the rider.

Prices range from $319 US for the Fastback to $579 US for the Vintage Touring. Find out more details on Mustang’s website here.


  1. That was at the Supershow – it looked a little rough around the edges for sure. There was only the one there that I saw. Too bad, there’s potential, but no one (including booth staff) seemed to care.

  2. Unfortunately, from what I saw at the bike show, nobody has shown much interest in the new Street models. They were sitting forlornly in the HD display while the faithful were oohing and aahing over the latest incarnations of the big bikes. Let’s hope that changes, but I’m not holding my breath…

    • Scott, was that at the Supershow? I’m curious, was the fit-and-finish improved over last year, or was it the same rather tatty-looking pre-pro model that was shamefacedly hidden away at the Moncton show?

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