New book from Neil Peart

We must have missed the press release when it first came out, but Neil Peart has a new motorcycle travelogue out.

Peart’s best-known for his work as drummer/lyricist for classic prog-rock band Rush, but he is a hard-core motorcyclist (often riding between shows on the road), and occasionally publishes books on his travels. You can read our short review on his book Far and Away: A Prive Every Time here.

His latest book is titled Far and Near: On Days Like These. It’s available here on, for $20.65 today. The book is another collection of stories from the road, and if it’s anything like his other moto-books, a good, introspective read that feels like a letter from a friend rather than a pontificating expert.

If you want to hear an interview with Peart regarding his book, check out this link to CBC’s Shelagh Rogers’ chat with the star about his latest stories.

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