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The case of the missing licence plate

Traffic tickets are really annoying. But you know what’s even worse than getting a ticket you deserve? Getting a ticket when you weren’t even riding your motorcycle, that’s what. And that’s what happened to a fellow from Leicester in the UK.

At first, you might think it was because someone was borrowing his bike, but that wasn’t the story. What happened was, a banned driver decided to bomb about on his Kawasaki, but wanted to stay above the law, so he nicked a plate from another rider’s identical bike (same paint, same model). That’s who ended up with the tickets.

Poetic (and literal!) justice was served, however, when the miscreant managed to crash his bike while riding about with the stolen plate. He tried to con police into believing the machine had been stolen, but they didn’t fall for his trick, and now he’s serving a fifteen month jail sentence. See, happy endings really do happen, once in a while.

Source: Leicester Mercury

How to make a hipster motorcycle video

You might not have heard of Thor Drake, but he’s the man behind much of See See Motorcycles’ endeavours. That’s a motorcycle shop/coffee house in Portland, Oregon, so Drake knows a thing or two about hipsters and motorcycles – that’s his day-to-day business. Here’s a gag video, shot as a promo for The One Motorcycle Show that he started back six years ago. This year’s show runs Feb. 13-15. We’re sure Drake will be there, but we’re not sure if he will be wearing his fake beard.

Ho ho hamburger

What I find amusing about this video is not that he rides through a McDonalds drive-through dressed as Santa, but that he then manages to eat his hamburgers without removing his helmet, while still riding. This dude really espouses the two-wheeled life.

“I’m a dead man”

Way back in the 1970s, watching Evel Knievel attempt a motorcycle jump was sort of the modern equivalent of watching fail videos on YouTube; you knew something bad was happening, but Knievel always made it entertaining.

Flash forward a few decades, and the Buffalo Chip bar is trying to drum up some interest for the 2015 Sturgis rally by bringing in a bunch of Knievel memorabilia and hiring a stunt man to attempt to jump 22 cars on a Harley-Davidson XR750, a stunt that Knievel screwed up when he tried.

They’ve got “Professional Daredevil” Doug Danger to attempt the stunt who tells us he’s a “dead man” if he fails the stunt. Really? Then how come Knievel survived when he failed it? Unless he did die, and it was just his zombified corpse that we all saw in later television appearances …. which would explain a lot.

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