Visionary Motorsports in receivership

'Arris says it's a motorcycle, Kawazacky says it's a scooter. Regardless, the Pitster Pro Classic 125 is a neat little machine, and we may be getting one to test soon.

Motorcycle and powersports distributor Visionary Motorsports is in receivership.

Visionary, “Canada’s largest independent PowerSports distributor” according to their website, sold lines of both off-road vehicles and street-legal motorcycles. They were the distributor for the Pitster Pro line, which mostly consisted of dirt bikes but also included the XTR200 Supermoto (previously known as the Konker KSM200 under another importer, when CMG tested it) and a cool 125 cc monkey bike that was supposedly street-legal. Visionary was also supposed to distribute the Cleveland Cyclewerks line.

Visionary went into receivership on December 19. You can read the legal documents surrounding that affair here. We’re not sure what will happen to the company, but if you’re waiting on warranty work, we’d guess you should make other plans; if you need parts, start by looking on forums like MyChinaMoto or ChinaRiders, or check eBay or China Parts Depot.

There’s no official word on what will happen to the Pitster Pro or Cleveland Cyclewerks lines. The Pitster Pro supermoto (a QingQi made machine) is one of China’s more solid products, based on the Suzuki DR200; it’d be a shame to see it disappear from Canada. Hopefully a distributor will pick it up and continue to offer it at a reasonable price.

As for the Cleveland Cyclewerks line – we’d be surprised if there’s not another announcement of a new distributor soon. The company has been on the verge of breaking into Canada for a few years now, but never made the final leap into mainstream availability in our market. Maybe a new distributor will be what the brand needs to make it widely available.

Have you been affected by this closure? Are you a dealer of Visionary’s products? Let us know what you think.


  1. As former tech at a small engine shop i am adding an update [2018] on GVA BRANDS which took over many of VISIONARY;s lines.Their parts program seems to be minimal and i don;t believe they know or care about custumer service. All they care about is selling units and they would tie our part order to machine orders [don’t order bikes ,don’t get parts] . i would not reccomend dealing with this company’s brands.Hopfully some of the other business named still exist and supply guality service.

  2. oi oi ad a chinesse crap a nordik in one year they manage to put 5 engines ,2 front differentiel,the electric system, a clutch and the exaust system tha was all was a 2011 and all this i had time to do 1600 km and i was lucky manage to sell it for 5600 and i paid 13,889 with tax so dont talk to me about any chinesse crap

  3. So, bottom line is that there are ‘sorta kinda’ parts and service sources for orphaned Chinese made machines. Doesn’t make me want to leap right out there and buy one, sorry…

  4. Hi Zac,
    Go 4 It Sales is not exclusive to alberta. They have a 100+ dealer network coast to coast. Just sayin…
    Their 16,000sqft warehouse might be located in Alberta but they distribute units and parts across the country. They have a service dealer locator on their website.
    I know for a fact they have Taiwanese and chinese parts compatible with many visionary products.

  5. Hi Zac, Thank you so much for the referrals.

    For those that don’t know me I am the owner of China Parts and I have been in this industry now for over 10 years with my wife Ailsa. We have staff in China who help us with sourcing parts. We carry a fairly extensive supply of Odes, Hisun, and Jianshe parts which Visionary sold each of these lines at one time or the other. Recently we moved to a much larger, 4500 sq. ft. warehouse in Lumby BC. At present we are looking to get back into distributing Chinese made motorsports (E-bike) products and at present are testing a couple of different items. And yes we will carry parts for many years for whatever we decide to bring in as a product!

    Back to Visionary; The QingQi 200cc street legal motard style bike is a nice bike but due to the low sales on that bike we do not carry many parts in stock for it but we do buy parts directly from that factory so getting parts for it may take a bit of time but we can get them. For Pitster pro, we do carry generic parts but in that case we are not directly connected to that importer or their products.

    For the parts on the little 50cc to 250cc dirt bike, pit bikes, and ATVs, that many sell, we carry thousands of parts in stock and if you can’t see it on our website you can always call us and we will likely have it or will many times be able to source it for you.

    We have many dealers across Canada that buy parts from us and we do sell parts all over the world.

    You can buy parts from us through our web site or buy phone 1-888-776-7753 and we will do our best to help.

    In closing we support all the companies in Canada that import and supply parts and products that are produced in China and we wish all the best of success. For the retail customers we are here for you.

    And to all Happy New Year.

    Art Mitton,
    China Parts
    ‘Doing our Part’

    • The QingQi/Konker/XTR200 199cc engine powers also the new (to Canada) Beta Alp 2.0. And because of the kick start, the suitable oil filter comes from the Suzuki Burgman 400 and not the Suzuki DR200. Cheers!

  6. I’m working at Motosport MBF in Quebec and we’ve been working alongside Nordik Motor Canada since the beginning which was in 2005! We never had any trouble getting whatever part we needed since then! If you’re looking for Hisun parts, here’s how to reach them: 1-844-NORDIK-1 (667-3451) or

  7. Visionary may be closed but it will be Business as usual at The Powersports Doctor of Midland. Call 705-245-2210 to pre-book your new 2015 CCW Heist bobber & 2015 Pitster Pro dirt bikes are now in stock.
    Their fit and finish are unmatched.
    Contact the Powersports Doctor today for any Parts, Service and sales inquiries.

  8. I am not sure why the article points people to online Chinese parts websites??…Go 4 It Sales Ltd. in Alberta has been successfully distributing (and properly) supporting Taiwanese and Chinese vehicles for 15 years. (TGB, E-Ton, Keeway, Apollo, Pro-X) I suspect they would have lots of compatible spare parts to support the vehicles sold by Visionary. If you are looking for a youth dirt bike, check out the Pro-X dirtbikes distributed by Go 4 It Sales. Way better quality than Pitster Pro at a fraction of the price! I bought E-Ton Viper 90 youth ATVs from Go 4 It Sales via dealership 12 years ago and I can still pick up the phone and order spare parts!! Cant say that about Visionary…
    Go 4 It Sales.

    • I point people to Arthur Mitton’s site because it’s accessible to Canadians everywhere, not just people who live in AB.

  9. The problem as I see it is; in order to support the line like we are used to in Canada, one must charge so much for the machine no one will buy it. Cost of doing business and all.

    • I think they were a lot bigger out west; they might have had some dealings with a scooter line and they carried UTVs and quads. They had a pretty big dealer network, but I am not sure how many bikes they ever sold, as I never saw a Pitster Pro-branded bike, or CCW-branded bike either, on the roads out here.

    • It seems that opening a business distributing Chinese bikes in Canada is a dangerous move. Very few selling bikes from China last; the ones selling Taiwanese product certainly seem to have better longevity.

      • Check out Go 4 It Sales Ltd, based in Alberta. They have been successfully distributing Chinese & Taiwanese scooters, ATVs & dirtbikes for years. Maybe not always the cheapest product but at least you know that you can still get spare parts….

  10. Maybe a quality product is what Cleveland Cyclewerks needs before they try to break into Canada. Just sayin’!

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