Video: Sam Sunderland vs: motocross

The 2015 Dakar Rally is just around the corner, and, here’s Sam Sunderland to remind you.

Sunderland was a shooting star for Honda last year, impressing quickly, but succumbing to the race’s wear and tear early, thanks to a blown-up bike. This year, he’s with KTM, and you can see him below getting acquainted with his bike. We’re pretty sure motocross isn’t standard Dakar training, but the UK-born rider seems to have no trouble whipping his rally raid machine around the track.


  1. Spank that puppy!

    Doesn’t look like it is as light (ahem) as a MX bike, based on the way it lands or how it doesn’t like to “cross up” when in mid-air. Looks like it accelerates just as well as a 450 MX…weight being of benefit at that stage.

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