New Model Buyer’s Guide 2015

The 2015 New Model Buyer’s Guide is live! It’s a forerunner beta test for our upcoming complete 2015 Buyers Guide so please let us know what you think and if you’d like to see other features in the comments section.

You can get to the new NMBG here.


  1. Bike image misaligned (to the right) on smaller monitor (1024×768) with Firefox. (No, I’m not changing – either one…) There is adequate empty space to the left of the image – its coordinates are just off.
    P.S. Very nice layout otherwise. Congrats and thanks.

  2. This is a great list. It might be nice to add to the details page a link to the original introduction or review articles which have more information for that bike. Of lesser importance, but still interesting, would be a list of what has been discontinued in Canada. I was shocked and saddened to discover the Ducati M696 is longer available. It was the last air cooled Monster. Anyway, love the list of new machines. Thanks.

    • The OEMs will be able to sponsor their brand to get additional links such as to a dealer list and to their own model info page. As for discontinued bikes, that will likely have to wait till 2016 as we’ll have a full 2015 database which we can use to compare and see the differences.

  3. That is an awesome format. I don’t know of any other site that does this. Are you going to add other columns like hp? Or maybe typical insurance rate in Ontario lol

    Keep up the great work.

    • Yes, more columns coming. We kept it basic for the New Models because it’s a lot of work to gather all the info and are currently processing that. Insurance rate was considered but there are so many variables across each province we held off for now.

  4. The Honda 300s should be CBR300R and CBR300RA. The confusion is caused by the FA being CB300FA and not having the R in the name.

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