Marquez wins Superprestigio

Marc Marquez must be feeling super prestigious.

After dominating MotoGP all season long and taking the championship with a convincing lead, Marc Marquez ended his season by beating the star-studded lineup of the Superprestigio flat track race in Barcelona on Saturday. There were ten former world champions of various motorcycle racing categories at the weekend’s race, and Marquez beat them all.

The winner of the last Superprestigio, AMA flat track champ Brad Baker, crashed out early in practice and dislocated his shoulder. That ended his racing. The final eight racers consisted of Thomas Chareyre, Kenny Noyes, Gerald Bailo, Dani Ribalta, Oliver Brindley, Bradley Smith (who’d won two earlier heats), Jared Mees and of course, Marquez. The end of the race came down to an exciting battle between Mees and Marquez. Marquez only won by a whisker, with a 0.298-second lead. Mees was second and Noyes ended up third.


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